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Open Kitchen. Join Others.


Six Days. Five Nights. 

Inclusive of Room, Tax & Daily Meals.



What makes this course different, is that you will additionally shop the markets like a chef; explore Laval, Vitré and Fougères, all medieval places full of history.


Exceptional Experiences Include:


  • Drinks & Canapés Reception

  • A Gourmet Dinner Prepared by Chef Duvin

  • Remaining Nights: “3 course” Dinners Prepared by the Students with Chef's Assistance.

  • A visit to the Market in Laval (Round-trip Transfers Included)

  • Shopping & exploration in Vitré, the "1000 Year Old City" (Round Trip Transfers Included)

  • Exploration of Fougères Fortress (Round Trip Transfers Included)



Inclusive Pricing: 2725 Euro Per Person

Sample Itinerary

Including Menus

Day 1 - Friday


Arrival in the afternoon


17.00    Introductory talk with complimentary drinks and canapés              Discussing aims and course structure 


18.00.   Dinner



Seared scallops, cauliflower purée scented with truffle


Egg cocotte with mushrooms


Seared duck breast à l’orange


Strawberry and lemon verbena bavarois


Day 2 - Saturday

8.45    Breakfast - to include fresh croissants, breads and                           preserves, orange juice, local apple juice, yogurts, tea                     and coffee.


9.15    Off to Laval’s market for shopping and sightseeing.


12.00   Returning to The Walnut Grove, we will break for lunch                   and feast on our treasures. 


14.00   Kitchen - We will begin the course and our journey in the               kitchen with hands on experience and demonstrations                   preparing for dinner. 


            Welcome, explore kitchen/equipment etc…Basic knife                   skills; care of knives, safety, sharpening, chop and slice                   onion, brunoise of carrot...

            Demonstration/hands-on: Onions soup, fish dish, sauce                 and side dish. Crêpes Suzette. Apple to marinate, pastry                 dough, apple compote.


17.00   Finish     

18.00   Aperitifs and nibbles

18.30    Back in the kitchen to finish prep

19.00    Dinner




French onion soup


Fish dish (depending on the market)


Flambées crêpes Suzette


Day 3 – Sunday


8.45    Breakfast


9.15    Kitchen: Hands-on / Demonstration: Pasta dough,                            tagliatelle and ravioli. Duck leg confit, ratatouille, apple                  tart, tonka bean ice cream



13.00    Lunch. Tagliatelle with a bacon, tomato and onion sauce,              followed by cheese and fresh bread. Floating island.


14.00    We’re off to visit Fougères medieval chateau; 

              The largest medieval fortress in Europe



18.00     Aperitifs and nibbles

18.30     Back in the kitchen to finish prep

19.00     Dinner




Lemon and sage ravioli


Duck leg confit, fresh ratatouille


Apple tart with tonka bean ice cream


Day 4 – Monday


8.45       Breakfast


9.15        Menu Explanation 

               Demonstration/hands-on: Black garlic crème brulée.

               Butchery class: How to debone a chicken and use every                pieces. Chicken stock, chicken paupiette. Apple and                        cider sauce.


13.00      Lunch; Croque monsieur/ Madame, green leaves salad


14.00      Pastry masterclass:

               Demonstration  / Hands-on: Macarons, éclairs and                          choux puff with various filling


17.00       Finish     

18.00       Aperitifs and nibbles

18.30       Back in the kitchen to finish prep

19.00       Dinner




Black garlic crème brulée


Chicken paupiette, apple and cider sauce


Chocolate éclairs and macarons

Day 5 – Tuesday


8.45        Breakfast

9.15        Menu Explanation 

               Demonstration /  hands-on: Poached egg, Meurette                        sauce.  Soufflé mise en place, chocolate sauce.

               “Challenge DAY”

13.00      Lunch: Charcuterie and cheese platter with pickle and                    fresh bread. Brioche French toasts (pain perdu)

14.00      We’re off to visit Vitré; Medieval town with a chateau,                      sightseeing and shopping. Relaxing afternoon.


18.00     Aperitifs and nibbles

18.30      Back in the kitchen to finish prep

19.00      Dinner



Poached egg with Meurette sauce


“Challenge DAY”

You will create the main course, team work


Vanilla soufflé with chocolate sauce


Day 6 – Wednesday

9.00        Breakfast


        Departure before 10 am

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