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Crème Brulée


1L cream 30%

100ml milk

9 egg yolks

230gr caster sugar

1 vanilla pod


 - caster sugar to caramelise the top




  • Split the vanilla pod in half, scrape the seeds and infuse it in the warm milk


  • Whisk the egg yolks and sugar.


  • Remove the vanilla pod* and add the warm milk, 


  • Mix well with a whisk


  • Then stir in the cold cream.


  • Fill up the crème brulée dishes and place in an oven tray, add hot water to about half the hight of the ramequins


  • Cook for about one hour at 120ºC/250ºF. Depending on the ramequins size


  • The crème brûlée must be cooked in the middle but still wobbly.


  • Take them off the tray, let cool and store in the fridge.


  • Just before serving, caramelise the top with some sugar and a blow torch or under a grill.


*Rinse your vanilla pod, when dry, keep it for another recipe or keep it in sugar to infuse


At The Walnut Grove we use 2 types of vanilla.

1 - Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (Planifolia)

2 - Tahiti Vanilla (Tahitensis) has a thicker pod and its aroma is more aniseed. Its flesh has a characteristic prune perfume


Chef’s tip: You can replace the vanilla by other aromatic and flavour;  lemon verbena, basil, violet , coffee or make it savoury; foie gras, parmesan, mushrooms..

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