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Home Smoked Trout Mousse



4 smoked trout fillets

200ml double cream – semi whipped

1 gelatine leave

juice of 1 lemon

horseradish to taste


1 tbsp dill - chopped





  • Blend trout fillets in food processor


  • Soak gelatine leaf in cold water for at least 30mn, when soft remove from water, place in a small bowl and gently warm up until it turns to liquid


  • Mix 1 tbsp of cream into the gelatine


  • Remove the fish from the blender and put into a separate bowl, quickly mix the gelatine in and fold in the remainder of the cream


  • Add horseradish, lemon juice & seasoning to taste


  • Place in desired mould and chill in refrigerator. It is now ready to use.

  • Alternatively you can let it set overnight, then shape some quenelles with two spoons.

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